A Financial Focus for an Invaluable Future

As with anything in life, the more concentration and attention you place on something, the better your understanding. That is why we put your needs first at Bratcher Law by placing our entire focus on financial law. Instead of having a little knowledge and experience in several areas, we put all of our energy and time gathering information and gaining extensive experience in the area where you need us most. Come see for yourself how our dedication to bankruptcy and financial planning law can help you break free from the constraints of money management.


Susan Bratcher doesn’t believe that anyone should be punished for chasing his dreams. That is why she has dedicated her life to helping those who need to declare bankruptcy get the financial advice and organization they need to overcome debt. Come see how she can help you get your bankruptcy in order so you can continue pursuing your dreams.

Estate PlanningEstate Planning

Considering all of the uncertainties that come with finances, don’t you think you deserve at least one assurance for your future? Come see how Susan Bratcher and the team at Bratcher Law has the knowledge and experience to be the dependable insurance you need to plan a successful financial future on your own terms.